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Come prepared

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Given the unpredictable nature of UK weather, I tell my couples to come prepared irrespective of their venue. That means a change of footwear that they can change in to so their shoes don’t get ruined, stuff to keep them warm and some cool brollies (you really don’t want to have a naff freebie brolly in your wedding photographs!). so that you can still get out if it’s been raining, it wet or is bitterly cold. A lot of these things can be hired (check out Brolly Bucket, for example) or sold on afterwards.

“We ordered some really cool colourful umbrellas and wellies from the internet the week before the wedding, it was actually quite funny looking back! Photos will need careful thought but if you have someone as creative as Hannah you will capture something special!” – Jade + Pete

“Being a December wedding we expected the worse weather and got it so we were not then disappointed! After our pre wedding shoot we knew we could work the moody atmospheric angle!! We bought a cheap big clear plastic umbrella as we were determined to get some shots outside even though we were the only ones brave (stupid!) enough to do it but they were totally worth it. If you buy things like a shrug to help against the cold and rain - don’t forget it for most of the outdoor photos and only remember to get it later on for the night shots.” – Kate + Chris

Blog written by @Hannahhallphotography

Photo credit to @Hannhhallphotography

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