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Embrace it

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

After all, you can’t change it so rather than spending time worrying it, make a feature of it!

“The best thing about the wet weather on our wedding day was it led to our favourite photograph from the whole day!

The illuminated raindrops looked just like stars and the white umbrella made the pic! Every cloud and all that....!” Dora + John

“No one ‘wants’ wet weather, or as the case was with ours the weekend before (and also months before); crazy hot weather. We also had those few months of pretty much drought season a few months before – so grass was turning brown and as for my British grown flowers from a farm in Cheshire I was also starting to severely worry about their survival! I am a worrier, and I worried about getting wet and… muddy!!! Or too hot and… sweaty! But coming from a crazy over thinker, when our day arrived, yes it wasn’t great to look outside and see HORRENDOUS weather! - I mean grey, wind, light misty rain, heavy rain, and sideways rain-the lot. HOWEVER, I also (oddly) just didn’t care. I was so overwhelmed with the day itself, marrying the love of my life and just generally consumed with embarking on one of the biggest days of my life – the rain was just another part of it, you have to deal with the fact that – THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. So just enjoy! Make it a part of your day by just not worrying about it, and cliché I know – but embracing it. My dress suffered, but my memories didn’t!!” Daisy + Ben

Blog written by @Hannahhallphotography

Photo credit to @Hannhhallphotography

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