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Have a contingency

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Everyone dreams of great weather but think carefully about what you’ll do if people can’t be outside for periods of the day.

“If your heart is set on an outdoorsy wedding then you have to accept early on that Mother Nature is the one thing you have zero control over so learn to love her whatever she throws your way!

Our wet weather contingency plan was to book a third tipi so we could move all of the outdoor games onto the dance floor if we needed to. We also booked the small hat for outside as an extra shelter just in case. I appreciate not everyone may be able to add to their budget on a ‘what if’ so I guess piece of advice number two would be to think about how to best utilise the space available.” Sarah + Jon

Blog written by @Hannahhallphotography

Photo credit to @Hannhhallphotography

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