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Some things to ask your photographer

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I always recommend chatting to any potential photographer before you book, so you can get a feel for them but if you’re not sure what to ask them, one of the most important things for your list is about their kit. Ask them if their kit is weather sealed (non professional kit tends not to be) and also what happens in the event of camera malfunction should water get in, or worse should they slip and damage their lenses or camera bodies. I always have three cameras on me at a wedding, two on me and a spare in the car. I also have a variety of lenses so should something happen, I’ve always got other options.

You should also ask them about how they approach wet weddings and make sure you’re satisfied with the answer, for example whether they carry lighting in case group photos have to be done indoors and it’s very dark, and whether they’re willing to get wet at all!

Blog written by @Hannahhallphotography

Photo credit to @Hannhhallphotography

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